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To Rescue Man

December 23, 2018
We find joy in believing the good news! 1. Jesus transforms all uncertainty 2. Jesus fulfills God's promise 3. Jesus summons the unqualified 4. Jesus gives us Himself
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To Reign

December 16, 2018
We find satisfaction in serving Jesus our King! 1. Jesus exemplifies humility 2. Jesus seeks our needs 3. Jesus demonstrates His authority 4. Jesus gives God glory
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To Represent Man to God

December 9, 2018
We find confidence to approach God through Jesus! 1. Jesus understands our weakness 2. Jesus knows our hearts 3. Jesus provides our help 4. Jesus is our rest
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To Reveal God to Man

December 2, 2018
We find hope in knowing God through Jesus! 1. Jesus is the character of God 2. Jesus is the presence of God 3. Jesus is the provision of God 4.…
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