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Only Scripture

February 4, 2018
Our sole infallible authority is God's Word alone! 1. Value God's profitable Word 2. Trust God's inspired Word 3. Train in God's refining Word 4. Persist in God's powerful Word
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Only Faith

January 28, 2018
Our righteousness is accomplished by faith alone! 1. My efforts prove my sinfulness 2. My efforts condemn me to die 3. My efforts nullify God's grace 4. My efforts have…
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Only Grace

January 21, 2018
Our salvation is a gift by grace alone! 1. Grace did what I couldn't 2. Grace did what I wouldn't 3. Grace did what I shouldn't 4. Grace is still…
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Only Christ

January 14, 2018
Our approach to God is through Jesus alone! 1. All other ways are dead ends 2. No other truth is personified 3. All other life is counterfeit 4. All other…
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Only God’s Glory

January 7, 2018
Our fulfillment is realized in God's glory alone! 1. Examine yourself candidly 2. Perceive God carefully 3. Surrender your "glory" 4. Savor God's glory
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