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Committed to the Gospel

November 25, 2018
We must persevere for the gospel! 1. With community 2. With caution 3. With courage 4. With conviction
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Where Christ is Unknown

November 18, 2018
We must worship God with faithful service! 1. In evangelism 2. In ambition 3. In support 4. In prayer
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With One Voice

November 11, 2018
We must glorify God with one voice! 1. Enduring with Christ 2. Encouraged by the Scriptures 3. Engaged in God's plan 4. Empowered through faith
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Pursue Mutual Edification

November 4, 2018
We must pursue mutual edification! 1. Exercise careful discernment 2. Display authentic love 3. Enjoy greater meaning 4. Sacrifice personal rights
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Each Gives His Own Account

October 28, 2018
We must pursual mutual understanding! 1. Examine your attitude 2. Establish your convictions 3. Serve your Master 4. Embrace your brother
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Government, God’s Ministers

October 21, 2018
We must stand out in submission to government! 1. Do good 2. Pay taxes 3. Love radically 4. Live openly
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Fervent Love

October 14, 2018
We must love with bold authenticity! 1. Redefine honor 2. Redefine endurance 3. Redefine reputation 4. Redefine payback
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Transforming Worship

October 7, 2018
We must offer our lives to God in worship. God wants ALL of me, ALL the time. 1. Savor God's riches 2. Break the world's pattern 3. Train your mind…
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All Israel Will Be Saved

September 30, 2018
We must cling to Jesus our Deliverer! 1. Behold God's severity 2. Behold God's kindness 3. Behold God's faithfulness 4. Behold God's mercy
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Provoked to Jealousy

September 23, 2018
We must confide in God's triumphant purpose! 1. God gracefully preserves 2. God patiently persists 3. God salvages failure 4. God restores life
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