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Blueprint and Biography

October 22, 2017
We must love the Lord our God! 1. God uses messy human lives 2. God is on a rescue mission 3. God is sovereign in history 4. God is preparing…
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Restoration and Rejoicing

October 15, 2017
We must await God's restoration with hope! 1. God gives healing 2. God gives support 3. God gives strength 4. God gives security
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Decision and Decline

October 8, 2017
We must trust that Jesus is powerful to redeem! 1. He did what the law could not 2. He is a near kinsman to us 3. He paid our debts…
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Assurance and Anticipation

October 1, 2017
We must rest assured in God's perfect plan. 1. Ask your desires 2. Lay down your plans 3. Experience God's fullness 4. Wait with confidence
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Visiting and Vulnerable

September 24, 2017
We must prepare ourselves for Jesus our bridegroom! 1. Wash yourself 2. Anoint yourself 3. Clothe yourself 4. Present yourself
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Remembered and Rejoicing

September 17, 2017
We must celebrate our Faithful God! 1. Focus on promise (not past) 2. Rejoice in hope 3. Anticipate your inheritance 4. Be devoted to your Master
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Support and Satisfaction

September 10, 2017
We must enjoy God's abundant blessing! 1. God sustains us 2. God satisfies us 3. God reveals Himself 4. God commissions us
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Honor and Humility (partial recording)

September 3, 2017
We must abide in God our Father! 1. Urgently receive God's grace 2. Humble yourself to God's acceptance 3. Trust in God's provision 4. Take refuge in God's protection
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Food and Favor

August 27, 2017
We must endure, even when the odds are against us! 1. Be willing to work hard 2. Count your blessings 3. Recognize God's hand 4. Guard your testimony
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Heartache and Homecoming

August 20, 2017
We must find strength to go on in God-Who-Is-Able! 1. Hold on to hope 2. Make today count 3. Rest in God
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