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What’s His Name?

December 31, 2017
We must exalt Jesus with our lives! 1. Confess Jesus' Lordship 2. Submit to Jesus' authority 3. Embrace Jesus' humility 4. Give Jesus awe and reverence
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Helpless Baby, Mighty God

December 24, 2017
We must trust the good news of Jesus our Savior! 1. Experience it for yourself 2. Retain your amazement 3. Reflect on it continuously 4. Proclaim it with praise
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He Looks Like His Daddy

December 17, 2017
We must honor Jesus as preeminent. 1. He rules with power 2. He upholds all of life 3. He brings us to God 4. He is God Himself
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How Can This Be?

December 10, 2017
We must offer ourselves to the God of the Impossible! 1. Even when we feel useless 2. Even when we've been waiting a long time 3. Even when God seems…
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We Have Come to Worship Him

December 3, 2017
We must treasure Jesus our King! 1. Worth our diligent pursuit 2. Worth our hearts' devotion 3. Worth our joyful celebration 4. Worth our personal sacrifice
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