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The God Beyond Us Has Become the God Among Us

Have you ever stopped to consider what defines God?  Most people have a basic conceptualization of who God must be.  If He is God, then He is eternal; He has no beginning or end.  He is the all-powerful Creator of all things; … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Meaning of Christmas

Are you familiar with Jesus’ parable about the four soils?  I have been thinking much lately about the thorny soil, on which the seed started to grow but was “choked out” by the thorns.  Jesus later explains what the thorns represent:  “And … Continue reading

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Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Start Building Resilience this Seasonspecial feature by Pastor’s wife, Diane Scallon Over the last few years, studies and scholars have shown that stress, anxiety, and depression have skyrocketed.  There are many stressors, as well as the increasingly popular word, “triggers”.  The ADAA … Continue reading

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Communion “Resolutions”

Guilt.  The recollection of failure and inadequacy.  Recognizing that we fall far short.  Shame from being plagued repeatedly by the same sin that we have previously resolved to forsake once-and-for-all.  The feelings of defeat and despair.  Desiring help… but not … Continue reading

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